IRC Network Upgrade:

In the next week or two, CAIRC will start undergoing a full network upgrade. The primary objective being to upgrade from InspIRCd 2.0 to InspIRCd 3. Anope and PyLink will be upgraded a minor/patch version as well, as part of regular maintenance.

For the most part things will look and feel the same. A few new modes will be introduced along with the latest IRCv3 goodies! A later post will describe the changes in more detail.

There's a couple things to be aware of:

  1. Client SSL certificate fingerprints will change from SHA1 to SHA256. If you're using CertFP for services account login, it will fail until you identify with your password and add the new fingerprint (or add it manually prior to the upgrade).
  2. Our self signed SSL certificates for client connections should remain the same. In the event we need to recreate them, new fingerprints will be posted to the main IRC page. We do plan to switch these to LE certificates in the future.
  3. The three client servers will be upgraded one by one, in a delayed process. The hub will be upgraded first, along with Anope and PyLink. The current client servers on 2.0 will then be linked to the upgraded hub. The most likely upgrade path will then be cetus, dropkick, and finally darkstar.

We thankĀ  you for your cooperation during this disruptive time and for continuing to grace us with your IRC presence.