IRC Network Upgraded:

Recently, CAIRC underwent a full network upgrade. The primary objective was to upgrade from InspIRCd 2.0 to InspIRCd 3. Anope and PyLink were also upgraded a minor/patch version, as part of regular maintenance.

For the most part everything went quite smooth. A few server restarts and net-splits were a necessity but noise and interruptions were kept to a minimum.

Notable things to be aware of:

  1. Client SSL certificate fingerprints have changed from SHA1 to SHA256. If you're using CertFP for services account login, it will fail until you identify with your password and add the new fingerprint.
  2. Our self signed SSL certificates for client connections remain the same. We do plan to switch these to LE certificates in the future.
  3. For more information on our IRC Network, please read IRC Information.

We thank  you all for your cooperation during the upgrade time and for your continued IRC presence.