IRC (Internet Relay Chat):

Server Listing

All servers support connections on TCP ports 6697 (TLS (SSL)) and 6667 (plain text).

As of 2020-04-26 all of our client servers are using Let's Encrypt certificates rather than the previous self-signed certificates.

Server Location IPv4 IPv6 Admin Round Robin Round Robin Round Robin  
 UK Asmodai DE ion CA genius3000

MOTD (Message of the Day) 

Welcome to the CyberArmy IRC Network ,/`. ,'/ __`. ,'_/_ _ _`. ,'__/_ ___ _ `. ,'_ /___ __ _ __ `. '-.._/___...-"-.-..__`.
Notice: Connections may be made to common proxy ports on your system upon connection to this network so that clients with open proxies can be identified and disconnected. If you do not wish to be scanned in this way, please disconnect now. Join #help for more information.

User Rules for The CyberArmy IRC Network

  1. Do not flood other users, channels, servers or services by any means.
  2. Do not harass other users.
  3. No mass/repeated advertising of channels, websites, IRC networks, etc.
  4. Only three connections per host are allowed. If you need more, join #help and ask to speak with an operator regarding an exception.
  5. Bots are permitted provided they set usermode +B upon connection, and are not hostile or offensive.
  6. Channel takeovers are not permitted - however, it is the responsibility of channels' operators to protect their channels through the use of services.
  7. Offensive nicknames/channels may not be permitted.
  8. Channels or users that openly participate in any illegal or unethical activity (for example warez trading, coordinating DDoS attacks) are not permitted.
  9. Failure to adhere to these rules may result in your disconnection from the network, or a ban being placed against you.
  10. The decisions of the IRC Operators are final.

All our servers are linked securely. You can expect any information you transmit over this network to be relayed securely (if you and your party/parties connect with secure clients).

We will not be held responsible for the content or integrity of any information transmitted over this network, as it is largely out of our control.

For information about the available commands and modes on this network, use: '/helpop' which will show you more options to use with '/helpop'.

Please join us in #help or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for help/information.

For the latest information, help, and policies, visit our website:



Our IRC Network runs current and full featured IRC software: InspIRCd 3, Anope 2.0, and PyLink. InspIRCd 3 features a lot of new IRCv3 standards along with the vast amount of modes and commands that InspIRCd is known for. Anope 2.0 is a robust IRC services package, providing simple user account and channel management. PyLink is also an IRC services package with a primary use of channel linking/relaying (Janus replacement).

Network Topology

  • Multiple client servers located around the globe.
  • A hub server for all servers to connect to; keeping latency low between each server.
  • All servers are securely linked.



  • NickServ
    • Account based registration with up to 8 nicknames under one account.
    • A valid email address is required for verification and password reset purposes.
    • One year of inactivity allowed on each nickname; account remains until the last nickname expires (or is dropped).
    • SASL Authentication methods PLAIN and EXTERNAL are available.
  • HostServ
    • Request a custom vHost (virtual host); this will replace your server given cloak.
  • MemoServ
    • Send short messages to other registered users; can be used for offline messaging or just important messages.
    • Read reciepts and email notifications are available.
  • ChanServ
    • Register channels to your account, have full control of channel modes and access.
    • 30 days of inactivity allowed; activity is defined as having at least one person with defined access currently in or recently in the channel.
  • BotServ
    • Request a services bot in your registered channel; can be a different bot than ChanServ.
    • Configure channel protections with kick and ban settings.
    • Make use of fantasy commands (!op, !voice, !kick, etc.).