MoonBase (bbs shell server)

  • SSH/SFTP shell access, IRC clients, screen/tmux
  • /home/user/www website directory (/~user/)
  • Access to message boards, tools, games, and library via console

Email (electronic mail)

  • Secure webmail interface
  • Strong encrypted storage
  • SMTP/IMAP/POP3 (TLS and SSL available)

VPS (virtual private server)

  • XenServer virtual machines and Linux containers
  • Private virtual switch network options with Internet and Tor routing
  • Encrypted API and control interface access

VPN (virtual private network)

  • SSL/TLS (OpenVPN), IPSEC (StrongSwan), L2TP/PTPP
  • IPv4 DHCP and static assignments with IPv6 block allocation available
  • Internet and Tor routing options

Tor (privacy network)

  • Improved privacy and anonymity online via onion routing
  • Hidden services and VPS hosting
  • Multiple geolocations for proxies and exit nodes

PKI (public key infrastructure)

  • Distributed root CA (Certificate Authority)
  • Intermediate and issuing CAs available
  • Unlimited client certificates and OTP (One Time Password) tokens



Mastodon (social network)

  • Microblogging (similar to Twitter...with 500 characters and multimedia)
  • Decentralized and distributed network
  • Independently moderated server