We are an independent collective of Internet citizens (see also: netizen).  We are united and driven by a common desire for attainment of knowledge, advancement of scientific and technological development, unrestricted information freedom and sharing, and the realization of a united global community in the modern Information Age.

Our pillar(s) are built upon the foundation(s) of education, collaboration, trust, respect, curiosity, and imagination; with further focus upon personal and communal welfare via advancements in communication, science, technology, security, and privacy.

Membership in this organization is open to everyone.  Regardless of your personally and/or sensitive identifiable information, we welcome your thoughts and ideas.  Your levels of participation and anonymity are voluntary and will never be imposed or restricted (nor monitored).

It is upon these principles that we unite to face the future and further our potential as individuals, our unified progress as a diverse and undivided people, and more decisively as a CyberArmy!



  • Founded sometime in 1998
  • Portals, Tools, Lists, and Forums
  • Zebulun
  • Brigades and Hacktivism
  • The Great Schism
  • Sered
  • The Unplugification
  • The Quiet Times
  • The IRC Bastion
  • Reconciliation and Reconstruction (see also: cyberarmy.net)
  • The Future!