Our IRC Network runs current and full featured IRC software: InspIRCd 3, Anope 2.0, and PyLink. InspIRCd 3 features a lot of new IRCv3 standards along with the vast amount of modes and commands that InspIRCd is known for. Anope 2.0 is a robust IRC services package, providing simple user account (nicknames), channel management, memo system, and personalized vHosts. PyLink is also an IRC services package which we primarily use for channel linking/relaying (Janus replacement).

Network Topology

  • Multiple client servers located around the globe.
  • A hub server for all servers to connect to; keeping latency low between each server.
  • All servers are securely linked.



  • NickServ
    • Account based registration with up to 8 nicknames under one account.
    • A valid email address is required for verification and password reset purposes.
    • One year of inactivity allowed on each nickname; account remains until the last nickname expires (or is dropped).
    • SASL Authentication methods PLAIN and EXTERNAL are available.
  • HostServ
    • Request a custom vHost (virtual host); this will replace your server given cloak.
  • MemoServ
    • Send short messages to other registered users; can be used for offline messaging or just important messages.
    • Read reciepts and email notifications are available.
  • ChanServ
    • Register channels to your account, have full control of channel modes and access.
    • 30 days of inactivity allowed; activity is defined as having at least one person with defined access currently in or recently in the channel.
  • BotServ
    • Request a services bot in your registered channel; can be a different bot than ChanServ.
    • Configure channel protections with kick and ban settings.
    • Make use of fantasy commands (!op, !voice, !kick, etc.).